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What to Do if Your Email is Hacked (+ Sample Messages To Send)

If you’ve gained an email from a person claiming to have hacked your account, never panic. It can be critical to continue to be calm and acquire the vital techniques to protect on your own and your knowledge.

person using sample letter for hacked email after a cybersecurity breach

This blog post will deliver sample e-mail you can ship to your contacts right after staying hacked. We will also share strategies on protecting on your own from future hacking attempts.

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What To Do if Your E mail is Hacked

You cannot normally inform if you have been hacked straight away. Some hackers might ship corrupted e-mail to your contacts without leaving a path.

Other moments, filter options might capture suspicious messages and instantly area them in “Spam” or “Trash,” so you never even see them.

Luckily for us, there are a several indicators to check out out for if you suspect someone has hacked your account:

  • You acquire bizarre or unsolicited e-mails from an individual with your very own name or a 3rd-occasion title. Glimpse for blurred photographs, lousy grammar, and unusual electronic mail addresses.
  • People you know notify you they’ve received abnormal e-mail from you. They’ll likely delete them right away, so really do not be amazed if no 1 has any to display you.
  • Your password stops doing work out of nowhere. A single day, you just can not log into your account any more.
  • You see unanticipated activity on your account, these types of as new contacts or messages you didn’t write.

If all symptoms point to hacking, continue to keep quiet. Hacking is a problem, but it is nothing at all you cannot solve in a couple ways.

Techniques to Adhere to After You’ve Been Hacked

hacked email next-steps: changes your password, set up two-factor authentication, keep your software up-to-date, and email your contacts.

1. Alter your password.

If you think someone’s hacked your electronic mail, the first detail you ought to do is alter your password. It could seem to be noticeable, but it is really an successful way to cease the hacker from even more accessing your account.

2. Set up two-component authentication.

Soon after you’ve got altered your password, we advise enabling two-element authentication (if it really is not now enabled). Two-component authentication provides an excess layer of stability to your account by necessitating you to enter a code from a 2nd product when you indication in.

If you might be not sure how to change your password or enable two-issue authentication, speak to your email company for support.

3. Hold your program up-to-day.

A different way to guard you from hackers is to assure that your computer software is constantly up-to-day. This consists of your working technique, web browser, antivirus computer software, and any other plans you use.

Outdated program can have safety vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to attain access to your account. Retaining your computer software up-to-day can help near these security holes and make it tougher for hackers to get into your account.

4. Electronic mail your contacts.

As soon as you’ve got modified your password and enabled two-component authentication, email your contacts, permitting them know anyone hacked your account. They’ll know to be cautious of any e-mail they received from you.

Performing this as soon as attainable makes sure they continue being on superior inform and shield them from foreseeable future attacks.

Sample Letters for Hacked E-mail

Messages in this circumstance provide two uses: to inform folks of what happened and to present instructions on how to secure themselves. Becoming short and apologetic will allow them to speedily convert their focus to the essential techniques, such as remaining vigilant.

Use the templates under if you ever are hacked.

1. Howdy, This is [Your Name], and I am composing to permit you know that my electronic mail account was hacked.

sample letter for hacked email: subject line, email account recently hacked; tone, formal; best for colleagues.

Hello [Recipient Name],

I required to permit you know that my e mail account was not too long ago hacked. I’ve changed my password and taken methods to secure my account, but I wanted to alert you in case you obtained any suspicious emails from me.

If you gained any suspicious messages, remember to delete them, and do not click on any backlinks.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for being familiar with.

Just take care,

[Your Name]

2. Sorry, my account was hacked.

sorry my account was hacked; tone, casual, familiar; best for friends and family.

Hey [Recipient Name],

If you acquired any strange email messages from me around the previous handful of days, I’m sorry. My account was hacked, but I’ve since adjusted my password and added two-variable authentication.

Delete any suspicious email messages you have been given, and don’t click on any one-way links.

Sorry about this, and many thanks for bearing with me.

[Your Name]

3. Hey, it is [Your Name] ― I bought hacked.

sample letter for hacked email: subject line, Hey, it’s [Your Name] ― I got hacked tone, professional best for acquaintances.

Hi [Recipient Name],

Currently, I discovered that a person experienced hacked my e-mail and social media accounts. Any undesired e-mail and messages you’ve gained are spam — lots of of my contacts have gotten spam emails from my account.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may possibly have caused you. I have taken methods to guarantee that it will never take place yet again.

Many thanks for your tolerance!

[Your Name]

4. Sorry [Recipient Name], I was hacked.

 sample letter for hacked email: subject line, Sorry [Recipient Name], I was hacked tone, professional, apologetic best for acquaintances and new contacts.


I apologize for any undesired email messages you may have received in the past [timeframe]. My e mail account was hacked all over 2022-11-04T11:00:00Z, and spam messages had been despatched to my contacts, which includes you.

I’d in no way voluntarily sent this out to anybody, so I’m sorry if it manufactured a mistaken impact. Relaxation confident, I have secured every thing presently, so things should be secure moving ahead.

Many thanks for comprehension,

[Your Name]

5. Staff, my electronic mail was hacked.

sample letter for hacked email: subject line, Team, my email was hacked; tone, familiar; best for your core work team.

Hey Team,

I bought hacked on 2022-11-04T11:00:00Z, and I imagine spam messages have been heading out [timeframe]. Sorry about that — I just found it and took the vital steps to deal with all the things on my conclude.

Hold an eye out for anything at all suspicious, and ‌let me know if you continue on obtaining any strange messages.

Many thanks,

[Your Name]

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