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Overcome Bulimia – The Strategy to Change Your Focus

From what I can see the main problem with all bulimics is their focus. Where is their focus? – On food and binging-purging. Bulimics are always busy thinking about what they are going to binge on, how they are going to get the food, what time they are going to start etc.

The problem is, if you spend all your time focusing on something the universe always gives you what you focus on, always. So what the bulimic gets is more of the same; thoughts about food to the point it replaces all other useful thoughts. Instead of thinking about friendship and interacting with people and feeling -good thoughts they are stuck in a black hole they can’t get out of.

The No 1 task for a bulimic at this stage is to work on her/his mental focus. I understand bulimics may have physical problems with their body (like tiredness, muscle aches, heart beating etc) stopping them from doing many thinks but they will not have to spend a lot of physical effort on changing their focus.

They just should accept the fact that their mind is actually lying to them when it makes them think and feel that they are fat, useless, and have no future. They believe the only thing that they have is food as a remedy to make them feel better. It is their brain playing tricks on them and they believe it.

Bulimics have to teach themselves to focus on other things than food and try to re-train themselves to get satisfaction from those other things. As an example becoming embraced in a hobby or doing studies, interesting job and the like will go a long way to helping them.

Some will say that this is easier to say than do, but bulimics taught themselves to focus on food easily enough so they can just as easily focus on something else that is good for them, it is all just perception.

The improvement in their focus will not happen overnight as they didn’t get to where they are now overnight didn’t they? They have to start at the beginning and take baby steps one at a time.

Confucius said “That even the longest journey starts with a single step” so this is what they have to do, a single step then another single step and so on and so on.

To make this first baby step towards overcoming bulimia a sufferer should first of all start by replacing her/his bulimic thoughts with other good thoughts.

For example, when someone starts thinking about preparing for a binge (what she is going to binge on, how it should be cooked etc) try to stop the thoughts immediately and think about something else. For example what movie I want see, or what course I want to do or what job promotion I want to get, what kind of dress I want to buy and the like to break the moment. (depends on the person). It will take effort at first but the more one does it the easier it becomes.

The other technique which helps to change focus is making a dream board. Take a piece of cardboard (at least 30cm x 50cm), old magazines and glue stick. Look through magazines and find pictures which matched what you want to have in life or what you want to become. Take the scissors and cut out these pictures you have chosen and stick them on the cardboard (the more the better). The main point here is that picture should match your wishes and desires.

When you fill out the cardboard with the pictures (and maybe some slogans and sayings that inspire you) put this cardboard up on the wall where you can see it all the time.

Everyday spend some time looking at your cardboard and thinking about what you like or would like to become.

And every time you start dreaming about binging – go and look at your true wishes and desires on the cardboard and think that every binge -purge is taking you away from the things you really want to achieve and want to become.

Think that it is your bulimia that wants you to binge and the bulimia is lying to you again and again about your feelings and that the bulimia is your enemy.

In reality it boils down to which side you will take: yours that support your wishes and desires, or the bulimia’s that supports the binging-purging and takes you away from the good things you want in life.

To conclude, changing mental focus is the main and most important thing to overcome bulimia. If a bulimic does not change her/his focus it will never be possible for them to become a healthy person ever again.