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Llamas, cows, goats, oh my! Bolivia farm now providing animal cuddling, llama loved ones portraits

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The pandemic has still left us all with a scarcity of handshakes, hugs, and passion, but Greenlands Farm and Helpers of Our Farm are performing to fill the gap.

Helpers of Our Farm, or HOOF, is a non-income instructional farm animal sanctuary running on Greenlands Farm in Bolivia. Like every little thing else, HOOF President and Farm Owner Maud Kelley says the pandemic has introduced issues for the corporation.

“Before we were being undertaking quite a number of tours, teaching. Almost everything we do at HOOF is education-based mostly, generally,” Kelley reported. “We do events and items as perfectly, but if I’m there and I’m managing an animal, I will most very likely instruct you about it irrespective of whether I’m at a birthday occasion or you’re here to master.”

Eager to train, get individuals safely and securely back again on the farm, and fulfill that basic will need we’ve all been missing recently, Kelley began searching for new concepts.

“We are definitely at a deficit for experience the skill to contact, hug, and embrace men and women and it is excellent to be capable to do that with an animal,” Kelley explained.”We are giving cow cuddling. We have other animals to cuddle as perfectly. We’re also accomplishing spouse and children portraits with our llama, Coleman.”

Originating in the Netherlands, exactly where it is termed “koe knuffelen” or “cow hugging,” it is used as a kind of treatment or wellness action.

“We all know the hormone of oxytocin. It results in a amazing perception of peace and healing and appreciate,” Kelley mentioned. “So you get that experience when you hug someone, or a cow, or a goat. Basically, in convert, it would make the goat or the cow truly feel really peaceful as properly.”

For facts on how you can strengthen your oxytocin and cuddle some farm animals, check out HOOF’s website.