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Learning How to Fix a Slice

One of the greatest challenges that many golfers undergo especially the upcoming ones is learning how to fix a slice. To be able to make either left to right or right to left curve tends to pose a great dilemma to many golfers particularly those who play the game for recreation. To be able to produce an inclination of the spin-axis of the golf ball to the left or to the right requires that an individual golfer learn some important tips for achieving the best slice in golf.

To correct a golf slice, it important to first get to know the causes a golf slice. Golf slice occur as a result of three major factors. First, a golf slice results when the face of the golf club used by a golfer slightly has an opening at the point of impact therefore bringing a clockwise spinning of the ball while in motion. Secondly, a slice may occur as a result of the swing speed of the golfer. An outside- inside golf swing path may lead to a golf slice. To prevent this, the golf ball should be hit on a straight marked line in order to fix the slice. Lastly, before you fix a slice, you need to know extent of the stiffness of your shaft.

The golf slices that occur depend on the player. A left-handed golfer will make the golf ball spin in a clockwise motion while a right-handed golfer will make the golf slice occur in an anticlockwise motion. To fix the golf slice, it is of importance to know the hand usage of the golfer or otherwise, a golf slice may be very hard to fix. Because the golf swing happens so fast, it makes it hard for the golf trainers to observe and identify the cause of the slice.

To fix a slice, the following need to be taken with serious consideration. First, the golfer must ensure that the grip is slightly turned to the right in the case of the right-handed golfers and to the left for the lefties. This will ensure that a stronger grip is achieved without a tight hold of the golf club. Secondly, ensure that you don’t bend too much, place your golf club back directly and let you follow the swing all through. Third, check your stance seriously; let your aim not be too far to the left or to the right. Check your aim by laying the club on the ground and parallel to the target line.

However, to be able to fix a slice, the above important tips should be highly considered and intense practicing will bring the perfection you need.