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How to request child support for your baby?

It is easy for a man to have a sexual encounter. For a woman who becomes pregnant, the situation is much more complicated. If that man does not want to face his responsibility, you can ask a judge to authorize a DNA test while pregnant, which can be performed as early as the 7th week of pregnancy. Although the legal process can be complicated, exhausting, and time-consuming, men must understand that a child must grow up with the support of both parents. If they do not want to do so voluntarily, DNA testing can help change their minds. The process begins with a lawsuit in a court where you provide the first and last name of the alleged father. The judge will send for both of you to appear in court.

What is child support?

People often think of child support as a monthly payment to be made by the man to the woman until the baby turns 18. However, the judge is the one who decides how child support is established and may decree that the man should bring food to the house, pay school fees, etc. Another myth about child support is that the man has to pay and the woman does not. While it is true that the judge will establish that the man pays more because it is the woman who takes care of the child, the woman also has to contribute financially. It should also be noted that the woman has to declare what she does with the money she receives from the man. If a judge finds that she has used the child support money for her benefit, the woman could lose custody of her child and go to jail for fraud.

Can a man file for child support?

Although it does not happen very often, some men obtain custody of their children and therefore it is the woman who must pay child support. Yes, there are cases in which the woman pays child support to the man. It happens when the woman cannot take care of her child due to work or health issues. The man must follow the same legal procedures and is subject to the same duties and rights as the woman, as mentioned above. If for some reason neither the woman nor the man can take care of the child, the judge may grant custody to some of the grandparents or, in extreme cases, the child goes to the state where they will live in foster homes.