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Glamorous vet nurse reveals the behind the scenes of her job

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A veterinary nurse has revealed the secrets behind her job, and her six favourite dog breeds that are perfect in all homes.

Senior nurse and practice manager Tess Nolan spends her days diagnosing and treating dogs and cats on the Gold Coast, conducting everything from pet CPR to X-rays and blood tests.

Tess, 26, also assists with surgery, animal restraint and bandaging, and said ‘the list is endless’ when it comes to tasks that come with her ‘very rewarding job’.

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a woman holding a dog posing for the camera: (

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a woman holding a dog posing for the camera: (

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‘I’ll tell you what – no two days are the same,’ Tess told Daily Mail Australia.


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‘Every day is totally unpredictable. 

‘I vary from surgeries to emergencies, taking blood samples, placing catheters, performing medical procedures and providing advice for newborn baby animals to golden oldies.’ 

When it comes to her normal schedule, Tess said she typically arrives early before the practice opens, so that she can perform a ‘full examination on any hospitalised patients that may have stayed overnight’. 

‘This involves a full examination of the pet – checking heart and respiration rate, temperature, checking their pain levels, administering any medication and providing them with a fresh, comfy bed and lots of hugs and affection,’ Tess wrote on her blog

Then, from 7.30am, it’s ‘all guns blazing’ with patients coming through the door for different – and wildly varying – reasons. 

By the time the end of the day comes, everything needs to be sterilised and cleaned so it’s ‘sparkly and fresh and ready to go for the next day’.

‘I say it like it’s a small job, but wow, there is a lot, I won’t bore you with the details!’ the 26-year-old said.   

Tess first joined The Point Veterinary Surgery back in 2012, when she came to do some work experience and never left.

After studying and becoming a qualified Certificate IV veterinary nurse, she has become a core part of the practice’s nursing team and is now the practice manager at The Point.

Video: Sick as a dog? Pets often catch COVID from humans, study finds (Reuters)

Sick as a dog? Pets often catch COVID from humans, study finds



Not only does she help with day-to-day business, but Tess also runs and manages the puppy school, the company’s social media, all of their community events and some animal charity work when she can. 

Tess has her own dog – a Boston Terrier called Daphne – who she said she loves taking to ‘dog-friendly cafes and the beach at the weekend’.   

The six breeds Tess loves the most 

1. Labradors

2. Bulldogs

3. Miniature pinschers

4. Italian greyhounds

5. Pugs 

6. Rottweilers 

When it comes to her favourite dog breeds, Tess revealed on TikTok that it’s a difficult decision, but she has six she loves even more than most.

The six include Labradors, bulldogs, miniature pinschers, Italian greyhounds, pugs and Rottweilers. 

Tess also loves English springer spaniels and said they are a ‘beautifully-natured breed’ and perfect for families.

She highlighted the best breeds for first-time owners include golden retrievers and cavoodles, due to their easy-going natures.

But Tess also said that many different dogs can work for different families, provided you give them the right care and attention with training. 

Tess has amassed a huge following on social media, where she has close to 175,000 followers on TikTok and more than 10,000 on Instagram.

Her videos cover subjects including how vets look after your pets behind the scenes (with cuddles and hugs), and what she looks for when hiring trainees. 

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Speaking to FEMAIL, Tess revealed the ideal skillset that is perfectly-suited to veterinary work.

The 26-year-old said relevant experience is paramount, as while working with animals is ‘cuddly and cute, it also has some very confronting experiences’.

‘Generally having a bit of experience with animals can provide you with a bit of a buffer from what may come in the door, from dogs with broken bones to those who have been hit by cars,’ she said.

Tess added: ‘The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, but it does take a certain type of person to be a successful veterinary nurse’. 

The vet concluded by saying that being a vet is like ‘no other job out there’.

‘A vet nurse is an anaesthetist, phlebotomist, professional pet cuddler, lab technician, receptionist, nutritionist, surgical assistant, grief counsellor, radiographer, paramedic, inventory manager and pharmacy assistant – all in one day,’ she said.

For more information about Tess Nolan, you can follow her on Instagram here. 

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