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Cozy Grove Summer season Update Lastly Lets You Hug Bears

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The overall objective of the match is to support your island’s spirit bears (or chicken as is the scenario for Captain Billweather Snout) determine out why they are ghosts and ultimately enable them to ascend when they’ve recovered all of their memories. I have yet to have a bear ascend, but I am drastically savoring each and every of their one of a kind tales as they really, really slowly and gradually progress (I’m on day 47 and have still to reach even 4 hearts with any bear!). The 1.8 update for Cozy Grove dropped not too long ago and additional numerous high-quality-of-daily life fixes this kind of as the capability to sort your stock. Sad to say, we are however unable to type our dresses which was a big bummer for numerous gamers. Hopefully, this will be addressed for upcoming updates.

Means to hug bears

On June 3rd, Spryfox introduced the wonderful information that Cozy Grove will be obtaining a cost-free DLC summer time update. This update is likely to incorporate a lot of new characteristics to the activity that players have questioned for (have faith in me, I’ve surveyed virtually hundreds of their opinions about the video game). Perhaps the addition that everyone, like myself, is most fired up for is the potential to hug the bears.

I’m coming for you, Patrice! It hurts my heart a little bit every time they get teary or try to remember one thing unhappy about their lives, so I cannot wait to help them hug it out. It’s rather reminiscent of a further indie sport, Spiritfarer, which by the way shares a equivalent fanbase. Hugging in Spiritfarer is one particular of its finest characteristics and I’m inclined to guess it will be no diverse in Cozy Grove. There are, on the other hand, numerous other additions coming outside of the simplicity of getting in a position to hug our ghost bears.

Critter Catching

We will soon also get the skill to catch some critters, a feature which is likely getting executed for these of us who also enjoy Animal Crossing: New Horizons and like amassing the two fish and bugs. Straight from Spryfox by themselves: “Different critters behave otherwise, and rarer critters are somewhat more durable to capture. Pleased looking!” I know I am seeking forward to the addition of new items to accumulate and donate! Not to mention how lovable they search.

New Decorations, Outfits, and Hairstyles

Next, we will also be having some new decorations, outfits, and hairstyles. One of the decoration sets is even shell-centered which is rather reminiscent of Animal Crossing. Then yet again, if these updates get the job done for Animal Crossing, they need to most unquestionably function for Cozy Grove as they each share a superior number of gamers (such as the present writer).

New Photo Standees

Photo standees have also proven to be rather pleasurable between Cozy Grove gamers with them sharing screenshots of themselves all through all social media platforms. For the reason that of this, Spryfox resolved they required to motivate us and are adding more standees throughout the island! Personally, I by no means even considered to choose a photo, but I am on the lookout ahead to it now that there will be extra of them.

NPC Ms. Carouse

Finally, we are having a new NPC occasion with a new spirit named Ms. Carouse. It is unclear at this time what accurately this new party is heading to be with Spryfox commenting by themselves:  “We’re… not heading to explain to you that suitable now.” She’s even heading to be launched with the update and not analyzed in the beta versions at all. It looks like they definitely want us to experience this new magic of Cozy Grove all at the same time to assistance keep away from any spoilers.

What is Following?

Spryfox finishes their put up with claims for a lot of updates to Cozy Grove in the upcoming. What will these new additions be? Will they be introducing a lot more bears? More products? Various spirit animals? I know that I want some spirit wolves or anything along people traces. The deer and birds are lovable, but some additional selection would be pleasant. All I know is that no matter what updates come in the foreseeable future, I will proceed my journey every working day to assist these bears uncover their missing reminiscences and be able to transfer on. I just cannot hold out to give them all the hugs!

*All shots of new information are from the Spryfox announcement identified listed here.