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20 Memorable Celebrity Appearances On “Hot Ones”

Neil deGrasse Tyson went back for seconds, but DJ Khaled tapped out after three wings!

Hot Ones is self-described as “the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.” The host, Sean Evans, asks a celebrity guest a series of well-researched questions while they eat 10 chicken wings marinated in progressively hotter sauces. The concept is simple yet effective, which is why the interview series has filmed over 200 episodes to date.

The celebrities who finish 10 wings are given an opportunity to promote their current project, while those who quit before the last wing are added to the dreaded “Wall of Shame.”

Here are 10 celebs who handled the spice with grace:



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While other guests have cried or vomited from the challenge, Hot Ones fans were shocked at how effortlessly Lorde consumed the hottest wings on the planet. She was able to finish all 10 wings without breaking a sweat! 


Paul Rudd

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The chemistry between Sean Evans and the ever-so-charming Paul Rudd was electric in this interview, which is most likely why Paul’s episode of Hot Ones turned into one of the most shared memes of 2019 — who would’ve thought? And as if the notorious “last dab” added to the final wing weren’t hot enough, Paul spiced things up by suggesting adding a dab of every sauce on the table to their last bite.


Padma Lakshmi

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The Top Chef host was more than prepared for the spicy challenge. Sean was so impressed, he stopped the interview to applaud her cool demeanor. Padma Lakshmi even schooled Sean at his own game, telling him that measuring spice in Scoville heat units is “arbitrary.”


Rachael Ray

First We Feast / Via

Rachael Ray informed Sean that she’s “very particular about wings.” So naturally, the Food Network host went a step further than other guests by consuming the hot sauce straight from a spoon. Wing or no wing, Rachael made it to the last dab like a true champion!


Neil deGrasse Tyson

First We Feast / Via

Neil deGrasse Tyson was a great sport on Hot Ones. He goofed around with Sean and even went back for more bites after some especially hot wings. Most impressively, the astrophysicist was able to eloquently explain our universe after taking the last dab.


Charlize Theron

First We Feast / Via

Charlize Theron didn’t shy away from admitting when the sauces became too hot. Despite the pain, she pushed herself to finish strong and had a great time doing it! I wonder if she’s more proud of winning an Oscar or nailing the last dab…


Guy Fieri

First We Feast / Via

The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host is known for his iconic flaming bowling shirt, which should have tipped us off that he would have no trouble with hot food. Guy Fieri downed all 10 wings while regaling Sean with Hollywood stories like cooking with Drake and his friendship with Snoop Dogg.


Tommy Chong

First We Feast / Via

Tommy Chong is another guest who had no trouble finishing all 10 hot wings. The famous stoner chatted with Sean about Sen. Bernie Sanders and taking a hit from a 6-foot bong with B-Real onstage in Los Angeles. Tommy performed so well that fans have speculated the wings might not have been marinated at all!


Daniel Radcliffe

First We Feast / Via

Daniel Radcliffe made it through the interview with ease. It’s impossible to imagine being taken down by some measly chicken wings after surviving Voldemort. There were even some moments in the episode where it seemed Sean was struggling with the heat more than Daniel! 


Al Roker

First We Feast / Via

Many guests of the show complain about sweating, yet Al Roker stayed cool as a cucumber in a three-piece suit throughout the challenge. Al had more complaints about the chicken’s lack of taste than having to suffer through the hot sauce!

And here are 10 celebrities who couldn’t handle the heat:


DJ Khaled

First We Feast / Via

DJ Khaled infamously tapped out after finishing just three wings. At one point during the interview, Khalid admitted he was skeptical that Sean’s wings were as spicy as his, and even made the host switch plates! 


Ricky Gervais

First We Feast / Via

“I came here today going, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m gonna bail out. I’m not gonna be entertainment for some fucking idiot on the internet. I’m not gonna do this.’ And then something kicks in and goes, ‘I reckon I could win this,'” Ricky Gervais told Sean before dropping out with only two wings to go. To be fair, he did make it pretty far considering he planned to bail out from the start!


Taraji P. Henson

First We Feast / Via

Taraji P. Henson was ill prepared for her Hot Ones interview, which landed her a spot on the Wall of Shame. She went as far as bringing in a stunt double, aka her bodyguard Dave, to finish her remaining portion of wings. 


Shaquille O’Neal

First We Feast / Via

Shaquille O’Neal is a man of many talents, but eating spicy foods is not one of them. He was prepared with a full gallon of milk to cool down the heat, but ended up spitting it out in the trash! Shaq then made a bet with Sean so he wouldn’t have to finish the last wing, which solidified his spot on the Wall of Shame. 


Tyra Banks

First We Feast / Via

Tyra Banks did not have an easy time on the show. She skipped the eighth wing entirely and off-loaded the ninth wing to the camera guy. However, the America’s Next Top Model host did complete the last dab. In the end, Tyra won back some points for finishing strong and kept her name off the Wall of Shame! 


Mike Epps

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Mike Epps came on the show in Season 2 and quickly learned that Sean was not playing around. He made it through seven wings before calling it quits. Some people just don’t enjoy torturing themselves for entertainment, and that’s okay!


Rob Corddry

First We Feast / Via

Rob Corddry made it through eight wings before giving up. The comedian and actor quickly learned there is nothing funny about hot wings, calling Hot Ones “the worst thing I’ve ever done.”


Lil Yachty

First We Feast / Via

Dropping out before the ninth wing landed Lil Yachty on the Wall of Shame. Yachty was experiencing hot sauce for the first time during his interview, so Sean let him off easy, calling him “a brave person” for participating. 


Jim Gaffigan

First We Feast / Via

Jim Gaffigan told Sean, “I quit” after downing eight wings. To be fair, the stand-up comedian was correct about one thing: Eating wings with an SHU above 1 million is absolutely unnecessary! 


And Gordon Ramsay

First We Feast / Via

After watching Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri ace their Hot Ones appearances, viewers were surprised to see Gordon Ramsay struggle. While he ultimately finished the challenge, Gordon needed a LOT of help making it to the last dab. The master chef came prepared with Pepto Bismol, donuts, lime juice, and lemon juice to offset the heat. 

Tell us about your favorite moments from Hot Ones in the comments section below!

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